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In 1996, Cpt. Our company, which was established under the leadership of Jalil, has set out with the principle of improving itself day by day and following the current developments closely and providing you with the best service, the most suitable conditions and friendly service.
Today, Ship Chandler Iran company, which has a young and dynamic team, is making a great effort for you to provide the fastest service without any problems. We always follow closely that our company and all of our employees primarily like this job and do it enthusiastically because they love this job. Because we think that people who do not like their job will reflect the negativities in their jobs to their customers in a negative way.

In order to get the necessary trainings and certificates in order to have a suitable position in the changing world order, we take both direct training and distance training and closely follow the current developments all over the world.

We would like to inform you, our valued customers, that we are making every effort to improve ourselves and provide you with a better service every day.

Together with our dynamic and young team, we have determined to provide you with the most perfect service within the framework of a superior service understanding with our tireless and endless energy.

By contacting us, we bring you many products that your ship needs at all ports in Iran. Ship Chandler Iran is a leading company in its region today and continues all its supply operations in all ports of Iran with the best service quality.

In order to be one of our privileged customers, you can contact us and experience the best service you can reach at the most affordable prices with us in line with the needs of your ships.

As we mentioned above, we are supplying at every port of Iran, you can contact us for all your supply needs[email protected]
Ship Chandler Iran
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